[Xamarin] Solution for “MT0057” error

今回はちょっと技術系の話! 普段は日本語オンリーですが,英語でも本件に関する情報が見当たらなかったので気分を変えて英語も併記してみます。
This entry deals with a little bit tech-related talk. Usually I write entries only in Japanese, but there seemed to be rare information about this topic so that I will write also in English in this time.

I entered into Xamarin

Recently I participated a study event about Xamarin. Because I thought I would have a lot of time during I had been hospitalized last weekend, I decided to start learning Xamarin.

I encountered error: MT0057

However after when iOS was upgraded to 11.2 and I updated Xcode corresponedly, the following error occurred and I got unable to build Xamarin code.

I wanna resolve this error: MT0057, but there is no related entries even if it is in English, I think. The only that helped me was this web page.

The message from MT0057 is written in this site.

MT0057: Cannot determine the path to Xcode.app from the sdk root ‘*’. Please specify the full path to the Xcode.app bundle.
The path passed using –sdkroot does not specify a valid Xcode app. Please specify a path to an Xcode app.

なんだか,xcode-select --print-pathの返り値がおかしそうな気がしますね。
Somehow what is wrong is the return-value of xcode-select --print-path.

Solution for MT0057

So that let’s confirm my env.

Umm I could see /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools. In fact what is desired here is /Applications/Xcode.app or something like that.

Then what I can do is modify this as following commands.

Here I can see the return-value is exactly /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer !

That’s all to build Xamarin project. Happy Xamarin with you !!

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